value of PDP8e

From: Heinz Wolter <>
Date: Fri Dec 3 13:39:27 2004

I acquired a PDP8e (sn M40000521)as part of a trade, which has not yet been
Anyone know what value such a unit might have? It's got a blue bezel
instead of the usual orange, but it on a 19 slide enclosure. Does this make
an 'industrial' ? I'm not looking to sell it (maybe after the deal is
settled) but
I'd like to know how to valuate it. I did see some pristine, working units
on epay - the top one going for 2300$USD in a silly bid war. But a realistic
price may be more like 1500$USD, I'm told. The machine is in 'new' shape
and working, has the tty interface card and cabling. core ( dunno how much).
Thanks to all who reply,
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