VAX 11/725

From: Brad Parker <>
Date: Fri Dec 3 16:37:39 2004

Jeroen van Hengstum wrote:
>Hello all,
>Recently I got a VAX 11/725, a small model VAX that was produced around 1983.
>I intend to try to boot this machine again after many years.
>- Does anyone have a 11/725?
>- Does anyone have 11/725 related documentation?
>- How do you check in a few steps with this computer whether it is still funct
>ioning properly?

I sent a rant about this to the list last week I think. I you can't find
it in the archive email me and I'll send you a copy.

Check the rollers in the tu-58 before you stick a cart into it. I'll
bet you a steak dinner they are mush. You'll be better off using a PC
as a tu58 server.

There have also been some good posts about checking out old unibus
equipment on the list recently. I'm a fan of removing all the cards and
checking the supplies with a VOM first and then adding them back in one
by one. It depends on how recently it was powered up and/or maintained.

I'd be curious to hear what peripherals you have and what you plan to
boot it from. Do you have a working RL02 / R80 drive combo?

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