VAX 11/725

From: Tony Duell <>
Date: Fri Dec 3 18:56:42 2004

> Check the rollers in the tu-58 before you stick a cart into it. I'll
> bet you a steak dinner they are mush. You'll be better off using a PC
> as a tu58 server.

Personally I'd rather rebuild the roller (I've done HP [1] ones, I can't
believe the DEC ones are any worse) than adulterate a perfectly good DEC
PDP/VAX with a PC :-)

[1] Including the 9100 and 9810, for which I had to make special tools...

> There have also been some good posts about checking out old unibus
> equipment on the list recently. I'm a fan of removing all the cards and
> checking the supplies with a VOM first and then adding them back in one

As am I!. In the case of the 11/730, I think you want to remove the TU58
chassis as well, you don't want to cook the chips on its controller board
if the PSU is malfunctioning...

> by one. It depends on how recently it was powered up and/or maintained.

> I'd be curious to hear what peripherals you have and what you plan to
> boot it from. Do you have a working RL02 / R80 drive combo?

I really must dig out my 11/730 and get it going. I've got the R80 drive
and the TSU05 magtape system (this was a standard cofiguration in
half-height rack). Of course I've also got an RL02 on one of my 11s that
I could hook up.

What are my choices for an OS, given that I have no official license,
live in the UK, and am not a member of DECUS (the UK chapter charges an
extortionate membership fee).

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