From: Seth Morabito <>
Date: Sat Dec 4 15:57:08 2004

Hi folks,

I've just re-joined the lists after a... uh, something like a four
year absense, I guess! It's good to be back, even if it is a little
more verbose than I remember.

I looked through the recent archives and didn't see this covered
already, forgive me if I missed it -- I've been unable to contact or for the last week
or so. Is anyone else able to get through? Does anyone know if
something is wrong? Or, alternately, does anyone know how else to
get in touch with Tim Shoppa to ask, other than his
email? Maybe I'll resort to snail mail.

"It looks just like a Telefunken U47!                 Seth Morabito
 You'll love it."  - Frank Zappa        
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