MicroVAX 3100 Questions.

From: Scott Stevens <chenmel_at_earthlink.net>
Date: Sat Dec 4 16:43:15 2004

Today at auction I acquired a MicroVAX 3100 system. It's my first VAX

I don't know a lot about it and thought I would ask here for help.

I put up a picture of the system on some personal webspace. The page
is: http://sasteven.multics.org/MicroVAX/MicroVAX3100.html

The system is a low-profile box, with one opening in the front face
with a 5-1/4" form factor tape drive presently installed. There are
free connectors and space inside for a single narrow SCSI drive. The
system has two mezzazine-mounted memory cards inside and appears to
have 16 megs of RAM on the cards.

The model plate on back (one of the pictures on the page I put up)
Model- DV031DTA-A - A01
S/N- KA324TJ182

Some questions:

1. I notice on the Web that there is quite a bit of info about
MicroVAX 3100 systems. I also see that there are a variety of models.
Is there an easy way to figure out which one I have?

2. Would it be possible and/or work to replace the tape drive with a
SCSI CD-ROM reader? I don't have a source for tapes.

3. Is it worth putting VMS on this box? It looks like it could run
NetBSD as well. I also have McKusik's BSD archive CD set that he
sells. Is there a flavor of vintage UNIX that I could put on the

4. What is the console on this hardware? It has the three serial
ports on RJ-type connectors, and from what I gather this is a TTY-only
machine, no framebuffer, etc.

5. Is there a thorough hardware reference for this machine out there
on the net that I should get? I looked on the HP/Compaq site, and it
appears that they pay a small amount of homage to the system, but
without much substancial info. A hardware reference manual in PDF
would be great.

Any and all info would be appreciated. If there's a good site that I
should be pointed to (there seems to be tons and tons of info out
there, which results in Google pulling up a huge mass of stuff to weed
through) instead of answering these specific questions, a pointer to
it would be appreciated.

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