Looking for a place to get small(-ish) SCSI drives

From: Seth Morabito <sethm_at_loomcom.com>
Date: Sun Dec 5 03:39:21 2004

I fool around with a lot of systems that want small (by today's
standards) 50-pin SCSI drives. A few years ago you couldn't walk
around the streets of Palo Alto without tripping over big stacks of
500MB drives. These days, though, the stacks are made out of 9GB SCA
drives -- far too large for my needs, and often far too large to be
recognized by the computers I fool around with. But drives smaller
than that are suddenly "rare" and "expensive", $30 or $40 for any
SCSI drive under 9GB at a lot of resellers I've visited lately.

Anyone know where those stacks went? Are small drives just impossible
to come by for less than $30 now?

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