Looking for a place to get small(-ish) SCSI drives

From: Bruce Lane <kyrrin_at_bluefeathertech.com>
Date: Sat Dec 11 10:39:00 2004

Hi, Seth,

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On 05-Dec-04 at 01:39 Seth Morabito wrote:


>recognized by the computers I fool around with. But drives smaller
>than that are suddenly "rare" and "expensive", $30 or $40 for any
>SCSI drive under 9GB at a lot of resellers I've visited lately.
>Anyone know where those stacks went? Are small drives just impossible
>to come by for less than $30 now?

        I wouldn't say 'impossible' at all. I would add that the prices you're seeing may be a regional thing.

        I say this because the local (Seattle) used place, RE-PC, has boxfuls of 1-2 gig SCSI drives for about $5 each. Granted, they're getting harder to find -- most of what I see now are in the 1-4 gig range. However, I do see a few sub-1gig units.

        If you're not talking about huge quantities, I could probably work on picking up some for you. Let me know.

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