Veroboard trace cutting tool?

From: John Lawson <>
Date: Sun Dec 5 14:37:01 2004

On Sun, 5 Dec 2004, Joe R. wrote:

> Why not just get a end mill as used in milling machines? They come in a
> wide variety of sizes and are readily available. They're made in two flute
> and four flute types and the bottom is flat.

   And the last time you (successfully) tried to cut a 3/32 flat spot into
fibreglass PC board using a hand-drill - or even a Dremel tool? with an
itty-bitty end-mill??? Unless of course you have the mill to go with the
cutter - then you can clamp it down and just take a fine cut. 20 minutes
later, voila! all done!

   The thing about the Veroboard tools is that they have a central locating
pin that fits into the hole, around which you want to cut an insulating
ring. And it's that centering pin that makes it easy... without it, well
- I hope you have spare board stock on hand. ;}

   Been there; done that; still have the bloody t-shirt.


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