Masscomp boards

From: Jules Richardson <>
Date: Sun Dec 5 15:17:45 2004

I grabbed a few pics of some of the multibus boards in our masscomp

CPU, FPP, disk controller, and one of the two memory boards (along with
Witchy's arm :)

Interesting that the CPU board has both 68000 and 68010 chips on it.

Having done some head-scratching, each memory board *I think* is 1MB
plus parity (so 2MB in total in the system)

Disk interface is ST506; turns out there's a pair of Micropolis drives
in it (and I've forgotten the model numbers, but Witchy might remember).
Also floppy and tape interface on the same board.

FPP board main IC is an AM29L516, plus there are 11 AM2901CPC 40-pin

Still no sign of keyboard and mouse for it though...


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