Veroboard trace cutting tool?

From: John Lawson <>
Date: Sun Dec 5 16:06:57 2004

On Sun, 5 Dec 2004, Joe R. wrote:

> That why I use a milling machine! In case you've nver seen one, you
> CLAMP the work in place and then move the table (with the attached work
> piece) to the correct position. I suggest you go find a book on milling
> machines and read up on them. It's a very usefull machine.

  AHH! So *that's* what I've been doing wrong these last 40 years or so -
dang - shoulda read the Bridgeport manual before I went to All That
Trouble. I kinda thought I shouldn't have to use the travelling crane and
bosn's chair every time I wanted to make a little piece for something.

   Hey! I bet I can unbolt the LeBlond spindle from the shop wall and
it'll stop flinging parts all over the place when I try and turn

   This List is *such* a great resource...



PS: I don't think you got the fact that I was **kidding** Joe - ya'll need
to lighten up just a bit.... ;} Musta been all them Hurrycanes.. here
(Carson City) it's just topped 25F for the high, back down to the single
digits, and Snow on the way tomorrow... woohoo!

PPS: Everyone on classiccmp who actually *has* any kind of milling machine
available, let alone on your premises - raise yer hands....

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