VAX 11/725

From: Brad Parker <>
Date: Mon Dec 6 12:21:52 2004

"Heinz Wolter" wrote:
>20 tapes?
>not so bad if loading from a pc emulated tu56 ;)
>loading VMS must have been a bear as well..
>what are other options if there is no ethernet?
>slip/ppp? - once a basic system is loaded?

I can't imagine doing this with out ethernet.

I hacked the netbsd boot program so it will copy via nfs to tape or
disk. Then I could copy the root file system to tape or to disk. I
ended up booting the miniroot and then using "rcp" to copy the tar files
which would normally be on the install tape into my disk (I have ra90,
which are big).

I think to be happy with an 11/725-730 you'll want ethernet. DELUA's
are pretty common and not very expensive.

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