Removing adhesives, was Re: Reel-to-reel tape decks (was: Re: ZX81 denigrated!)

From: Roger Merchberger <>
Date: Mon Dec 6 12:25:49 2004

Rumor has it that John Foust may have mentioned these words:
>At 08:03 PM 12/4/2004, Chad Fernandez wrote:
> >Are you confusing Goo Gone, with Goof Off? I've never had Goo Gone
> damage plastic.
>Goo Gone comes in a plastic bottle, Goof Off is more harsh
>and comes in a can. As did "lighter fluid", it's naptha cousin.

Huh? AFAIK, lighter fluid *is* naptha -- I refill all my nice 4-ounce zippo
cans (which would cost $2.50 or so) with $4.00 per 32-ounce naptha from the
woodworking section of the local hardware store. I haven't had a zippo
complain yet... IIRC, at one time I even had one of those small metal which
had an ingredients list, and all it said was naptha, which is where I'd
gotten the idea from.

I've used naptha for years as it's not nearly as harsh on plastics as
acetone (altho for some things it's not as effective, either) but it *does*
soften/dissolve candle wax.

Oh, and there's about a quadrillion different types of plastics nowadays;
just because a solvent comes in a type of plastic container, doesn't mean
it won't damage a different type of plastic.

>At 06:31 AM 12/5/2004, james wrote:
> >This trick I learned from an autobody shop and their efforts to remove
> >bumper stickers with gas torches.
>Uhm, you mean back in the days when bumpers were made of
>metal, not plastic.

Let alone entire tailgates (my new Avalanche), truck beds (the new Toyota)
or even entire car bodies (Fiero being the first, mass-produced, anyway...)

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