Suggested power for TU-56...

From: Paul Koning <>
Date: Tue Dec 7 09:02:19 2004

>>>>> "Eric" == Eric Smith <> writes:

 Eric> David Corbin wrote:
>> Looking for suggestions on supplying the DC power to a TU-56.....

 Eric> You need +5V at 0.8A and -15V at 0.8A, both regulated to +/-
 Eric> 10%. (You can optionally use +10V at 0.8A instead of +5V, with
 Eric> suitable wiring.)

 Eric> It should be easy to find a surplus triple-output power supply
 Eric> with +5 and +/-15V, and simply not use the -15V output. New,
 Eric> these cost around $70-80.

 Eric> It may be easier and/or less expensive to use separate 5V and
 Eric> 10V power supplies. For instance, Digikey has wall-wart style
 Eric> switchers that are suitable:

 Eric> T920-P5P 5.0V 2.4A $14.03 each T924-P5P 15.0V 1.0A $14.03 each

 Eric> Since they are isolated (as all common AC-to-DC power supplies
 Eric> are), you can use them as positive or negative supplies.

If you use a switcher, make sure the minimum load current is
suitable. Linear supplies work with no load, but switchers often do
not. In that case, a load resistor can help.

Also: DEC usually quoted +/- 10% on power supplies, but in reality
that wasn't necessarily true. It's good to assume +10, -0%
tolerance. I know for a fact that DMC11s require that for
reliable operation.

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