Suggested power for TU-56...

From: Eric Smith <>
Date: Tue Dec 7 14:58:36 2004

Paul wrote:
> If you use a switcher, make sure the minimum load current is
> suitable. Linear supplies work with no load, but switchers often do
> not. In that case, a load resistor can help.

The Cui switchers I recommended have a minimum load current spec of
0.0A, so it won't be a problem. The TU56 will easily present enough load
for any switchers that aren't rated for a LOT of amps. If you try to
use a 5V 100A supply, you may be asking for trouble.

> Also: DEC usually quoted +/- 10% on power supplies, but in reality
> that wasn't necessarily true. It's good to assume +10, -0%
> tolerance. I know for a fact that DMC11s require that for
> reliable operation.

Nothing in the TU56 will be that finicky. The supplies I recommended
are rated at +/- 5% tolerance and will work fine.

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