DEC TZ885 mini-library (nearly OT :)

From: Adrian Graham <>
Date: Tue Dec 7 15:06:09 2004

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> In my *extrememly* limited experience, all the codes mean
> "the flipping leader's come off - put it back on".

These libraries are either extremely confused or extremely knackered; it
seems like they never do an actual hardware reset at powerup, just carry on
where they left off. I've found some button combinations that allow you to
view diagnostics as long as the robot isn't going nuts (rare) but I haven't
found which button actually selects said test or function. Also, 2 of them
don't open the drive door when expected so the tape bounces off repeatedly
until the robot gives up....
> I did make the TZ87 (or TZ877?) service manual available and
> Manx will find it. The above comment applies here too :-)

I'll have a nose after CSI Miami :o)


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