From: Jay West <jwest_at_classiccmp.org>
Date: Tue Dec 7 15:04:43 2004

At long last I've decided I've gotten enough HP systems restored, so I'm
turning my attention to one of my other systems that's been rescued but not
restored - a PDP-11/45. Yes, I'm going over to the dark side ;)

I've scrounged the web looking for sites where a /45 has been restored for
tidbits, advice, etc. and found Guy's site to be a good intro on the
refurbish process and what to expect.

It would appear my /45 is extremely minimally configured, no I/O cards, and
only 4k or 8k of core. It's in pretty sorry shape I must say, but definitely
restorable at least from a cosmetic standpoint - we'll see about the
functioning side of things.

I wanted to ask if anyone would care to share any gotcha's that may not be
obvious, specifically with regards to initial cleanup, inspection, and
testing. I'd really like to convert the thing from core to semiconductor
memory, and hopefully get an RL02 up on it.

One thing specifically I wanted to ask applies to many systems not just my
/45. What have most of you found to be good for working with scratches or
gouges in painted metal? I'm thinking like the side panels of the H960
cabinet, etc. I'm not into painting really but was considering using an
airbrush to touch up lots of scratches and perhaps blending the new paint in
with the old areas. Perhaps this would come out worse? Exactly what kind of
paint should I get, can I have a paint dealer reliably scan existing
surfaces with their color cameras to generate the correct hue? Suggestions?

Jay West

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