Got a HP 2648. Now what?

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Date: Tue Dec 7 21:52:08 2004

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>>Subject: Got a HP 2648. Now what?
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>> Actually I picked up two of them. They're HP graphics terminals with
>>dual tape drives. One of these has a HP-IB port in it. What's that for?
>>They're both marked that they have options 007 and 032. Anybody know what
>>those are? Anyboy have a pointer to a manual for them.
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>> Joe
>Two weeks ago while digging through a bunch of plastic bags of material to
>be recycled at a local university dumpster I found the reference manual for
>these things! I hope my luck with not being arrested and charged with theft
>holds up a while longer.
>Option 007 is the "Integrated Dual Cartridge Tape - Mini Data Station"
>The option list in the manual only goes to option 030.
>There are many built in accessories possible. They should be shown on a
>sticker next to the main label above the power cord receptacle.

  These are listed on a silver foil sticker inside the back door of the
terminal. I didn't see any other markings except I think the SN was on a
tag of it's own.

 They appear
>all to be in the series 132xx.

  Yes, the catalog listed a bunch of 13xxx options. Things like Katakana,
Cryllic, microcode programmable, etc. But I didn't see anything about HP-IB
and I'm wondering if that might be what 032 is. I still have no idea why
you'd want HP-IB on a terminal.

>I'll scan the manual as soon as I can get to it.

   That would be great. Can you E-mail me a copy after you do? I used to
have a small manual for the 2644 (IIRC) but I don't know what ever became
of it.

>Dan Cohoe
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