Got a HP 2648. Now what?

From: Frank McConnell <>
Date: Tue Dec 7 23:36:21 2004

Joe Rigdon wrote:
> Yes, the catalog listed a bunch of 13xxx options. Things like Katakana,
> Cryllic, microcode programmable, etc. But I didn't see anything about HP-IB
> and I'm wondering if that might be what 032 is. I still have no idea why
> you'd want HP-IB on a terminal.

I don't know what option 032 is, but I used to have a 2648A w/HP-IB
under my care at a previous employer. It was how the plotter (a 9872)
was connected, and the office-automation graphics software on the HP3000
(DSG/3000, HPDRAW, EZCHART) knew how to use it.

I remember writing some little hacks on the 3000 to send HP-GL to the
plotter to make it do stuff (before we got HPDRAW &c on the 3000), but
don't remember how they worked; I'm guessing the plotter is
addressable as a device through a terminal escape sequence in much the
same way as a printer or a cartridge tape drive.

-Frank McConnell
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