Shipping heavy equipment

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Tue Dec 7 22:18:30 2004

> 110 pounds - it's not *that* big. It can go FedEx (149 pound limit
>for regular FedEx) as well as UPS - but that would be "pricey".

Actually if you pull the power supplies, and all the boards, then
ship the boards in one carefully packed box, and the power supplies
in another, you might be able to get the weight of the BA213 down to
the point where shipping it wouldn't be to expensive. I think the
magical weight point for UPS is 70 or 80 pounds, not sure what the
size (dimensions) limit is. Once you hit that magical limit, it gets
very spendy to ship using them. Breaking the package up can be a big

OTOH, there is definitely something to be said for properly crating
the system shipping it by someone that specializes in transporting
large heavy objects. The downside is that the shipping is likely to
cost more than the unit is worth.


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