Shipping heavy equipment

From: Tom Peters <>
Date: Tue Dec 7 23:42:09 2004

Best to call/surf


At 08:18 PM 12/7/2004 -0800, you wrote:
>> 110 pounds - it's not *that* big. It can go FedEx (149 pound limit for
>> regular FedEx) as well as UPS - but that would be "pricey".
>Actually if you pull the power supplies, and all the boards, then ship the
>boards in one carefully packed box, and the power supplies in another, you
>might be able to get the weight of the BA213 down to the point where
>shipping it wouldn't be to expensive. I think the magical weight point
>for UPS is 70 or 80 pounds, not sure what the size (dimensions) limit
>is. Once you hit that magical limit, it gets very spendy to ship using
>them. Breaking the package up can be a big help.
>OTOH, there is definitely something to be said for properly crating the
>system shipping it by someone that specializes in transporting large heavy
>objects. The downside is that the shipping is likely to cost more than
>the unit is worth.
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