Got a HP 2648. Now what?

From: Tony Duell <>
Date: Tue Dec 7 22:37:29 2004

> Oh I can definitely think of a reason. The HP 2225C HP-IB Thinkjet printer.
> Many terminals had printer hookups....

Unless I'm mis-remmebring something, the 2225C has a cnetronics parallel
interface. You meen the 2225A (HPIB). The 2225B is HPIL (and battery
powered), the 2225D is RS232. I've had all of them across my bench at
one time or another.

The 2225A is odd. The CPU in the thinkjets has a built-in HPIL port
(which is used in the normal way in a 2225B). The HPIB version has a
lttle non-isolated HPIB-HPIL converter that llinks to said HPIL port. The
version built into the Integral is really an HPIL version, with a 1LB3
HPIL chip to link it to the 68000 bus (again, with no isolating pulse

The RS232 and Centronics models ignore the HPIL interface on the CPU
chip, and have interface circuits connected to the processor data lines.
The CPU firmware is therefore different.

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