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Date: Tue Dec 7 23:37:56 2004

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Well here's a fine mess I've gotten myself into...

I need to ship a MicroVAX 3800 (BA213 case, about 110 pounds, give or
take) to Pennsylvania. Granted, it's no 11/780, but it's certainly
bigger than I've ever shipped before. Does anyone have any suggestions
about the cheapest way to do this? (Hopefully one that will also ensure
that the beast gets there in one piece, of course!)

For reference, dimensions on a BA213 are approx. 14" by 20" by 26".


If you have access to the shipping department of where you work, that's a
big help. I do, and there's all kinds of pallets and packing options to choose
from. One idea is to find a smaller size pallet than the standard 40x48 and
use plastic or metal bands to secure it to the pallet and then plastic wrap and
send it. Old server boxes and crates are great for reuse here. All you'd
have to do then is carry to a DHL station or similar and do the paperwork. It's
easier that what most people think.
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