Got a HP 2648. Now what?

From: Jules Richardson <>
Date: Wed Dec 8 07:21:44 2004

On Tue, 2004-12-07 at 21:36 -0800, Frank McConnell wrote:

> I don't know what option 032 is, but I used to have a 2648A w/HP-IB
> under my care at a previous employer. It was how the plotter (a 9872)
> was connected, and the office-automation graphics software on the HP3000
> (DSG/3000, HPDRAW, EZCHART) knew how to use it.

That's a good point; I've seen such a plotter in some of the HP surplus
I've been sorting through recently. Also a large digitiser which is
presumably HP-IB. Lots of little thermal printers too, plus stacks of
HP-80 series add-ons. I thought it was all going to be a pile of junk,
but there was some really nice stuff in there - will try and get a list
together this weekend (this is where I unearthed the 2115A too)

> I remember writing some little hacks on the 3000 to send HP-GL to the
> plotter to make it do stuff (before we got HPDRAW &c on the 3000), but
> don't remember how they worked;

I might be looking for some HP3000 software if anyone out there has any.
We hooked one up the other day and so far it seems to be working (it was
only intended as a static exhibit!) so making it *do* something is an
option. I've only seen alignment packs for the drives so far, and
nothing on tape though.

I confess to being totally ignorant about HP stuff! :-)


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