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From: Erik S. Klein <>
Date: Sun Dec 12 13:40:48 2004

I got an IBM AT this summer that was as pristine a machine as I've ever
seen. It looked like it had just come out of the original packaging.
In fact, that was the only thing absent to make this a perfect score.

There wasn't a single blemish or even a spot of dust on the case or
monitor. The insides were as clean as a whistle and the original
battery and, even harder to believe, the original CMI hard drive were
still installed and working.

It even had the IBM drive protect card in the disk drive and the
original IBM keys dangling from the lock.

Of course it came with all of the original manuals and software.

I received an Apple /// and an Apple //e in similar but slightly more
used shape earlier in the summer and a couple of PowerBooks in their
original boxes last month, so I guess it has been a good year!

   Erik Klein
   The Vintage Computer Forum

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> The thing that astounds me
>is that this laptop is probably nearly 16 years old and it is far
>cleaner inside than anything I use day to day. It must have been in a
>lab or never taken out of its case. The keyboard is shiny new and the
>drive area is spotless, still with the colored stickers in place.
>Pristine, really.

   I was offered a complete HP-150 system last year but had to go get
It turns out that is was in the Florida Regional Crime Lab. I went and
picked it up and it was THE cleanest computer that I've ever seen. It
looked like it had just come out of the factory and was spotless inside
out. Not even any stickers on it. It turns out that it had spent it's
inside a lab hooked to a gas chromatograph or some such were NO
contamination could be tolerated. It was real shame to bring it home and
stuff it into the outbuilding with all the other computers. Anybody else
run into situations like this?

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