Free DEC/mini stuff in Washington DC area

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Date: Sun Dec 12 13:45:51 2004

> But ebay has shipping...

Of rather variable quality. Packing up delicate stuff and
having it survive to the other end requires patience and effort.

My last experience was less than wonderful: bought a Tek
465B scope in beautiful condition for a dime. (Well, OK,
lotsa dimes, but it was a good value). Seller put in
a cardboard box with some styrofoam peanuts. It arrived
with just about every front-panel control busted or bent.
Which was a just crying shame, as the unit had a calibration
just a month or two ago. I bought a not-so-working-but-with-
all-the-knobs 465 and spent several evenings replacing the
busted BNC's and knobs on the front panel. I'm proud of the
work, but it just broke my heart to see the unit arrive with
obviously bad shipping. Even though I had paid for insurance,
the seller didn't buy insurance, and wasn't willing to do
anything to help me other than say "tough luck".

I'd much rather that my surplus stuff find a good home locally
than deal with all the packing.

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