Free DEC/mini stuff in Washington DC area

From: 9000 VAX <>
Date: Sun Dec 12 15:12:05 2004

Too bad that DC is too far away from Ohio.

vax, 9000

On Sun, 12 Dec 2004 14:45:51 -0500,
<> wrote:
> > But ebay has shipping...
> Of rather variable quality. Packing up delicate stuff and
> having it survive to the other end requires patience and effort.
> My last experience was less than wonderful: bought a Tek
> 465B scope in beautiful condition for a dime. (Well, OK,
> lotsa dimes, but it was a good value). Seller put in
> a cardboard box with some styrofoam peanuts. It arrived
> with just about every front-panel control busted or bent.
> Which was a just crying shame, as the unit had a calibration
> just a month or two ago. I bought a not-so-working-but-with-
> all-the-knobs 465 and spent several evenings replacing the
> busted BNC's and knobs on the front panel. I'm proud of the
> work, but it just broke my heart to see the unit arrive with
> obviously bad shipping. Even though I had paid for insurance,
> the seller didn't buy insurance, and wasn't willing to do
> anything to help me other than say "tough luck".
> I'd much rather that my surplus stuff find a good home locally
> than deal with all the packing.
> Tim.
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