Irix-Install on SGI Indigo: RAM failure, ASQ=0x80

From: Pete Turnbull <>
Date: Sun Dec 12 17:43:11 2004

On Dec 11 2004, 18:06, Fabian H?nsel wrote:
> Jules Richardson wrote:

> >of our Indigos have 450MB drives, so they don't need anything
> >particularly big.
> >
> I'll take a big one to install nearly all packages available on the
> as the cd drive isn't my own one.

I have 1GB drives in most of my Indigos, but they NFS-mount /usr/local
with lots of locally-compiled stuff, and /usr/people with home
directories, from another machine.

BTW, if you're looking for packages, there are still a few sites with
packages for 5.3 (is this an R3000 Indigo?) and I have quite a few that
I've compiled here. You can even get the IDO (Irix Development Option,
ie the compilers) for free from SGI's website -- and it's significantly
better than gcc. You can also still get all the patches from SGI
(there's a LOT -- I know because I just re-installed all the Y2K and
security patches for one of my machines). But remember that for an
R3000 you need things compiled -mips1, not -mips2 (which some 5.3
systems default to) or mips3/4 (later versions of IRIX).

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