hardware fault on SGI Indigo?

From: Doc Shipley <doc_at_mdrconsult.com>
Date: Sun Dec 12 19:54:41 2004

Fabian H?nsel wrote:
> Fabian H?nsel wrote:
>> My drive has a 50 pin scsi, a 4 pin power supply and a 10 pin cable (I
>> did not know what it is used to) - that connects to those ID pins,
>> doesn't it? A new drive does not have to have such ID pins, as long as
>> I can set the scsi id with jumpers, is that right?
> Ops, it's not a 10 pin, but a 6 pin connector with actually 4 cables
> attached.

   That's the usual ID 1-2-4 jumpers, then. On most narrow drives the
jumper pairs share ground, hence the single ground wire on your ID cable.

   *Usually*, if the drive has ID jumpers at the "back" alongside the
50-pin connector and power connector, the bottom row are the ground
pins. Shouldn't hurt anything if you get it upside down, except it will
only work on ID 2 (ID 0 won't because it's the controller on an Indigo,

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