KM11 clone

From: Guy Sotomayor <>
Date: Sun Dec 12 19:57:46 2004

I've been working on creating a clone of DEC's maintenance panel (KM11)
for some time now. I intended it to be used as my "hello world" board
to get familiar with EagleCAD and the board fab process.

On Friday my first boards arrived from the fab house. I spent this
weekend building up 2 boards and both worked perfectly the first time.
It was so cool to be able to single step the microcode in an 11/40!

It's up on my web site
( for those that want
to see what it looks like. Sometime this week I'll take a picture of
the 11/40 with 2 KM11's hanging out of it!

My first batch of boards/parts has already been spoken for. But for any
who are interested, I'll place another order for parts/boards for
delivery sometime in January.

Each board will come with complete schematics, parts list and assembly
instructions. I will also have collected drawings for the overlays and
instructions on use for the various processors (11/20, 11/05, 11/40,
11/45 and 11/70).

I'm pricing as follows:
        "Bare" Board $75
        "kit" (includes all the parts) $125
        assembled and tested $250 (I really don't want to)

TTFN - Guy
Received on Sun Dec 12 2004 - 19:57:46 GMT

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