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From: Philip Pemberton <>
Date: Mon Dec 13 02:54:52 2004

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          ben franchuk <> wrote:

> I guess a BYTE now count's as OLD computing things.
> Boy do I miss the old Computer mags since they showed
> people using and upgrading machines not gawkinig about
> how great the computer case flashes in neon colors
> or how flashy a splash screen is as people often do today.

Nnnngggghh.... Don't remind me.
PC Plus magazine used to be pretty good, then when the current editor took
over, he immediately tore up everything the last guy did. The programming
stuff has been near enough removed, replaced with "Remove spyware with
insert-name-of-expensive-crapware-here" and "Casemodding for ID-ten-Ts"...

Then again.. most PC rags are crap anyway these days.

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