From: Tom Jennings <>
Date: Mon Dec 13 03:00:30 2004

On Sun, 12 Dec 2004, Vintage Computer Festival wrote:

I think you're being awfully generous to a monstrous
profit-making corporation. While it might be hard to enforce,
you have copyright to your works.

> Well, based on what I know about this sort of issue (and I might be wrong)
> if it's used in the context of news coverage then of course there's no
> issue.

Not true. Besides the fact that "news" is more or less
entertainment these days, they still need permission to use
it. If their budget is $0 then they wouldn't use it. Since they
already DID use it, you can readily make up a reasonable value,
say $500, for the use of the photo.

Consider they sell ad time in the 100K$/min to $1M/min on both
sides of your photo. This ain't 1964 and that wasn't Walter
F-ing Cronkite, instead some drone/lackey making their owners
money with your work.

I bet you can find someone who sells stock images, footage,
photo library to that industry to get a sense of how it works
and what you practical recourse is.
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