From: Jules Richardson <>
Date: Mon Dec 13 11:05:46 2004

On Mon, 2004-12-13 at 08:44 -0800, Computer Collector Newsletter wrote:
> >>> they still need permission to use it.
> BULLSHIT. I'm an actual, living, breathing, working reporter, and when I go to
> a convention or any other event, I write about and takes pictures of anything I
> damn well please. The only paperwork or permission I need is called the First
> Freaking Amendment.

I'm surprised that permission isn't needed to show any footage that
contains a name / logo or other identifying mark though, but that images
which could technically have been made anywhere are fair game and
subject to no restrictions.

And even then there must be a lot of slack in any law; if a crew's
shooting a city scene say, then they can't really go asking every single
shop which displays a sign and it'd seem unreasonable to expect them to.

In this case Ed said he himself took the image, so allowed use by CNN
was implicit, and as there was no way of identifying that it was the VCF
no other checks were necessary.

I'm not a lawyer, and different countries must have all sorts of rules
and regulations, but that seems like the common-sense approach to me!


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