From: Erik Klein <>
Date: Mon Dec 13 13:38:48 2004

> On Mon, 13 Dec 2004, Tom Jennings wrote:
> I may have made a dumb assumption -- that CNN used one of
> Sellam's photos, from his website. If they came and took
> their own photos (or equiv process) then almost certainly it's
> uncontrollable after the fact.

The picture in question can be seen at and is a
picture of one of my Altair 8800s.

The image actually shown on the show was cropped all the way in to the
Altair and its drive with the only evidence that it was a VCF picture (to
me, anyway) being the plexiglass case cover. I had those covers made for
this year's VCF. Nobody else on the planet would have known where that
picture was taken had I not identified it myself.

This image was used, in conjunction with two "studio" images I took of the
same machine, for about 15 seconds in the middle of the show. All of the
images had text superimposed on them that told about the introduction of
the Altair 30 years ago and about a couple of undergrads who started some
company to make software for it.

All of the pictures were were taken by me (I hold the copyright, for
whatever that's worth) and all appear on my website. The show's producer
simply asked for higher resolution copies for the NEXT_at_CNN spot. She was
given these with my permission to use them on the show.

I'm not sure what Sellam's beef is, but as I said earlier it's probably
good for some fun either way.

I'm also not sure why Sellam hates CNN that much but there's probably a
fun story there too.

Clear as mud now, eh? :)

Erik Klein
The Vintage Computer Forum
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