From: Eric Smith <>
Date: Mon Dec 13 14:16:49 2004

Erik Klein wrote:
> The image actually shown on the show was cropped all the way in to the
> Altair and its drive with the only evidence that it was a VCF picture (to
> me, anyway) being the plexiglass case cover. I had those covers made for
> this year's VCF. Nobody else on the planet would have known where that
> picture was taken had I not identified it myself.

That's why I was confused. I thought there was an objection to CNN using
a photo they'd taken themselves, for which they would own the copyright.
(For instance, if you pay a professional to photograph your wedding, the
photographer holds the copyright unless you negotiate a contract stating

Given that they vigorously protect their own copyrights, I'm surprised
that they would steal someone else's. Maybe they were (incorrectly)
confident that noone would notice.

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