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From: Tom Peters <>
Date: Tue Dec 14 11:45:28 2004

I absolutely positively cannot learn Morse code. I've tried for 12 years,
since I got my tech (amateur radio) license. No method I've tried has
worked. It remind me of how awful a student I was. Other people could study
a subject and learn it. I had to construct elaborate "systems" for each
test. I wrote an entire help file for the VMS help processor for Calculus
II in college. That was the only way I passed Calc.

Which brings me to today's joke: Just what is lysdexia, anyhow?

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> >From: "Roger Merchberger" <>
> >
> >Dyslexia. There are a lot more kinds of it than just writing your letters
> >backwards (my type) -- I have two friends that *just can't spell*, and my
> >wife is LD in math; she can't handle decimals or fractions! Oh, guess who
> >has the most college degrees of the 4 people I just mentioned: my wife.
> >
> >Some people's brains are just plain *wired funny* -- sometimes it's a good
> >thing, sometimes it's not.
> >
> >Laterz,
> >Roger "Merch" Merchberger
> When I was in grade school, I used to get B+'s on my
>math test. The teacher told me to write down the intermediate
>steps so that I could get more credit for partial solutions.
>Up till then I'd been working the problems out in my head
>and then just writing out the answer.
> An interesting result happened. My intermediate work had
>the same number or percentage of errors as my final results.
>Of course, I still worked them in my head or the final results
>would have been worse because of the cumulative effects.
>This was one of the first indications that I was dyslexic
>and not just lazy ( I was that as well ). I just made errors
>in translating what was in my head to the paper. Later, I found
>simple ways to check my results and got 100% on my test :)

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