Stupid TI power supply

From: Dwight K. Elvey <>
Date: Tue Dec 14 12:08:24 2004

 Sure sounds like a thermal limit switch. It could also
be a Poly-Fuse.
 As for voltage of the transformer, if it is bad, one can
still determine the ratio by cutting the wires off with
a single cut per turn and then count the wires for the
primary and secondary. One does have to watch out if there
are taps, other than center tap.

>From: "Vintage Computer Festival" <>
>So after beating the shit out of this stupid TI power supply (none of your
>suggestions worked, thanks) I come to find that it does have an internal
>fuse and that it is complete intact. Wonderful. This thing is shot
>beyond repair at this point. It wasn't intended to ever be opened
>Anyway, hopefully I can figure out what this pile of garbage was supposed
>to be putting out. Of course, there are no markings on the housing of the
>There is an IC in here. It's inline with the hot side of the input
>voltage. The markings are thusly:
>X25 150(degree symbol)C
>2.5A 250V~
>A varistor?
>Anyway, this is a heap of junk now.
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