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From: Michael Sokolov <msokolov_at_ivan.Harhan.ORG>
Date: Tue Dec 14 13:54:31 2004

I use Network Solutions, because no matter how bad they suck, they still
ARE the successor to the original SRI-NIC. (But then I have only one
domain, registered in 2000 when you could still register a domain by
sending a template to HOSTMASTER_at_INTERNIC.NET, and I will never register
other domains because I still believe in the original doctrine of one
physical organisation = one domain.)

But I miss SRI-NIC soooooo bad!

To bring this on topic: does anyone have a copy of the original SRI-NIC
software, or at least have any idea about what it was like, what it did
it run on, what was it written in, etc? I'm talking about the software
that processed templates sent to HOSTMASTER_at_SRI-NIC, and even to
HOSTMASTER_at_INTERNIC.NET as late as 2000, and maintained the original
registry database in its original unique super-cool format with those
NIC handles (like HARHAN-DOM, IFCTFVAX-HST, MS35906), provided the
original WHOIS service, and generated HOSTS.TXT and the TLD zone files.

The best hope that I see for Internet is the colonisation of Mars. The
good thing about Mars is that the 30 min speed of light delay should prevent
any possibility of our present rotten, corrupt, spam,porn-and-Weendoze-filled
Internet extending to Mars, and on Mars we'll have a chance to start fresh
from a clean slate. If I get there first I'm going to recreate the good
old ARPA Internet there in its full glory, with TENEX and 4BSD hosts,
open relays (we'll have to relay because interplanetary communication back
to Earth and to elsewhere will have to be all store and forward, like the
good old UUCP), SRI-NIC, HOSTS.TXT, no Yahoo, no AOL, no spam, no porn,
no Weendoze lusers on DSL with dynamic IPs! A copy of the original SRI-NIC
registry software would be very helpful.

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