Domain Name Registration

From: Eric Smith <>
Date: Tue Dec 14 14:24:53 2004

Michael Sokolov wrote:
> I use Network Solutions, because no matter how bad they suck, they still
> ARE the successor to the original SRI-NIC.

Not really. Network Solutions no longer operates the registry, which
has now actually been split up amongst several registry operators.
Verisign operates the .com registry, Public Interest Registry operates
the .org registry, Neulevel operates .biz, Afilias operates .name, etc.
The registry operators are the successors of the original SRI-NIC. None
of them sell domains directly to the public; instead you have to buy them
from a registrar, or a reseller associated with a registrar.

Network Solutions is now just another registrar, on equal footing with
OpenSRS/Tucows, Dotster, 007Names, and a zillion others. When you buy
a .com domain from any of the registrars, $6 of the fee goes to Verisign.
And $0.25 goes to ICANN.

If you feel like giving $35 to the scum-sucking $*&# at Network Solutions
when $10 or less given to another registrar will actually get you better
service, you're part of the reason Network Solutions can get away with
continuing to offer such terrible service.

The Verisign people are also a bunch of &#*#s IMNSHO, but if you want
to register a .com domain there is no way to avoid $6 of your fee going
to them.

And ICANN are also a bunch of _at_#$%s. This was nowhere so evident as
when they eliminated the at-large membership representation on their
board of directors with the claim that the change would make the
organization more accountable. Maybe if we're lucky their contract
with the U.S. Commerce Department won't be renewed.

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