Wanted: M9312 RX01 bootstrap ROM

From: Ashley Carder <wacarder_at_usit.net>
Date: Thu Dec 16 08:51:44 2004

> > I'm looking for an M9312 bootstrap ROM for an RX01 drive. I believe the
DEC number on the chip is 753A9. Does anyone have one of these that they
would be willing to get rid of? I have other M9312 ROMs to trade.
> Burn one by yourself? The boot ROM can be found in simh, file
> vax, 9000

I don't have the equipment to burn one, so I was just looking to take the
easy way out and get one that's
ready for me to plug into my M9312 and run. I'm hooking up an RX01 to my
11/40 and want to be
able to boot from it without having to toggle in the bootstrap code. The
fun wears off after the second
or third time of toggling in that code!

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