DECwriters (was Re: Auction Finds)

From: Paul Koning <>
Date: Thu Dec 16 09:08:04 2004

>>>>> "Eric" == Eric Smith <> writes:

 Eric> Does anyone have any spare keyswitches (or complete keyboard
 Eric> assemblies) for the DECwriter II, III, or older DEC keyboards?
 Eric> I need a replacement keyswitch for an LK40 keyboard for a GT40
 Eric> terminal, and I think a DECwriter keyswitch may be the same (or
 Eric> at least interchangeable). But I don't want to remove one from
 Eric> an otherwise good DECwriter.

The GT40 keyboards I remember have the same awful keyswitches that
were used (and cursed) on the LA30 -- and replaced in the LA36 and
VT50 by a new design that worked far better.

Some old memory says that the issue was in the mechanical part -- the
plungers would stick, while on the VT52 they never did. I don't know
if the switch contacts were different. (In the VT52/LA36 at least,
they are gold plated wedge shaped contacts that are held apart when
the key is up.)

It may also be that the GT40 came both ways depending on age. One way
to tell was the shape of the keycaps -- the old crummy design had
oversize keycap tops, while the VT52 keyboard had keycaps with more
taper to the sides and more beveling, so the tops looked more like
what you see on everyone else's keyboard.

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