vaxbrick 4000-50?

From: Antonio Carlini <>
Date: Thu Dec 16 13:19:18 2004

> I saw an ebay auction about a vaxbrick 4000-50. What is a vaxbrick
> 4000-50? I googled and didn't find much information. I'd guess that it
> uses NVAX cpu. But, what is the the clock frequency, and how big is
> the cache? What memory options does it support?

I'll see if I can dig up any documents, but from memory, it
was a pretty rare upgrade. You swapped it in place of the
CPU on one of the other MicroVAX systems of the time -
possibly a VAX 4000-200 (or similar)?

I don't seem to have any docs on it at all.


Antonio Carlini
Received on Thu Dec 16 2004 - 13:19:18 GMT

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