DECwriters (was Re: Auction Finds)

From: Eric Smith <>
Date: Thu Dec 16 13:43:13 2004

CPUMECH wrote:
> Those keyswitches are actually contacts that need a special tool for
> replacement.

I can't just desolder the entire keyswitch assembly from the PCB and
solder in a new one? Sigh.

> Dataterm Inc. They still have the
> contacts and inserts for those keybds.Give them a call

I suppose I had best study the LK40 keyswitches as compared to those
of the LA36 first; if they're not the same there's no point wasting
their time.

One of the plastic key stems is broken, and the spring is missing.
I do have the broken-off portion of the stem and the keycap. I'm not
sure what kind of plastic it is, nor what adhesive to use.

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