Panasonic 805 Calculator

From: chris <>
Date: Fri Dec 17 19:20:43 2004

>That is almost certainly vacuum fluorescent. There are a lot of such
>displays that use the same kind of seven-segment number formation you
>commonly see with LEDs.

Yes, I did more digging and found a web site specializing in vintage
calculators, and it had a full discussion on the different types of
displays... and yes, it does appear that I have Vacuum Fluorescent
Display Tubes. This was reaffirmed with a closer inspection (with the aid
of a flashlight) and each of the segments appears to be an individual
tube (you can see the curves of the front as well as the typical peaked

I've yet to open it to see if they are socketed or soldered... I figured
I'd leave that until I new more about the technology and if the tubes are
repairable, or if I can get the correct replacement part.

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