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From: Nathan Schepers <>
Date: Fri Dec 17 19:45:38 2004

     I managed to find a package by Cabletron that does bootpd/tftpd for
windows. It worked fine for me to get a NetBSD image over to the
machine (even though the NetBSD-pmax pages suggest that tftp netbooting
isn't possible with my PROM). I'm able to start installing via NFS
served from cygwin, but I don't have enough space on my RZ24-E drive
(SCSI, 209MB) to hold the base system.
     What I'm thinking is that I don't really need the full base system
-- all I want for now is enough of a system to run a tiny httpd for
fun... does anyone know whether there's a stripped-down NetBSD that can
be run, or another OS that's trivial to install via the bootp/tftp
method above, and is small enough to fit?
     Thanks again for all your ideas.

Dan Williams wrote:
> On Thu, 16 Dec 2004 16:42:47 -0500, 9000 VAX <> wrote:
>>On Thu, 16 Dec 2004 16:10:48 -0500, Nathan Schepers
>><> wrote:
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>>>Does anyone have any information or links to free utilities to do the
>>>bootp/tftp/rarp stuff necessary to netboot machines from a Windows 2000
>>>machine? I'm thinking specifically of a DECstation 5000/125 and the
>>>VAXStations that I have.
>>I'd suggest NetBSD/i386 as net booting server. I tried to setup a
>>linux to net boot my vax 3900 but failed. I forgot the reason.
>>Unwilling to spend more time to solve the problem, I turned to NetBSD.
>>Easy and straight.
>>vax, 9000
> If you want to keep windows running i'd suggest netbsd/i386 under
> vmware or virtual pc. If you don't have them then netbsd/vax under
> simh I assume would work. I definatly works under vms to boot
> machines it can even join a cluster.
> Dan
> Dan
> .

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