Our hobby in The New York Times -- sort of

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Date: Mon Dec 20 15:15:24 2004

        The intellectual property issues would be key for me, too and could
have been dealt with in a few sentences. As far as the crappy-versus-good
title licenses, I would offer up that the final choice of games comes down
to (1) which IP owner you could locate and (2) successfully negotiate with.

        There's the firm...Tulip I think...that from what I've read seems to
be ready to come down hard on anyone using abandoned Commodore properties
for commercial gain. It's been a long road of failed owners, but I believe
Tulip owns the Commodore trademarks and IP. I can't say for sure if they own
the designs for the 6510 but I would assume that they bought a "package" of
IP from Gateway, who bought it from Ascom AG, who bought it from the
Commodore bankruptcy estate for $5mm (IIRC). There might be another name in
there after Ascom, but I can't be sure.

        I think that Tulip uses the Commodore name for things other than
computers but owns all of the goodies that's of particular interest to this


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>I can think of at least one more important issue to be concerned with :)

Judging by Slashdot's coverage of Ellsworth and the geek response,
at least 90% of this mailing list's bandwidth needs to be consumed
debating her "hotness."

Sated geek that I am, I'd love to read an in-depth article on the
intellection property issues: Did they get permission from the
CBM's heirs? Who got the 6510's IP rights? What about the software,
was that easy to license? Why do so many of these cheap emulators
license lousy titles, as opposed to the extinct top-sellers?

- John
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