Resurgence of the C64/Tulip/Jeri

From: Cini, Richard <>
Date: Mon Dec 20 15:27:43 2004

Here are a few Web links that talks about Tulip and the C64. Some are bit
old, but worth a read:,aid,111556,00.asp
Article from 2003 that gives an overall look at the relationship.
This one raises as many questions as it answers. It only speaks to
enforcement for the unauthorized use of the Commodore name.
This is an interesting link, too. Although it's in Dutch, the product looks
remarkably similar to the one Jeri is holding in her hand.

Interestingly, in a note on Ruud Baltassen's site indicates that Tulip
doesn't mind people using the Commodore name in a non-commercial setting, I
guess acknowledging that in the time between when it purchased "the name and
other assets in 1997" and 2003 when they talk about developing game products
for the PC (like the Atari Anthology program, I'm guessing -- old games
running on a new machine using an emulator), a lot has happened.

The problem is that no one ever says what "other assets" is.

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