Abandonware site charges for downloads

From: John Allain <allain_at_panix.com>
Date: Mon Dec 20 16:37:05 2004

> Opinions?

Looks like an attempt to draw skeptical attention away
from CommodoreOne(?) right now. Seems to me if this
project has gone so mainstream (NYTimes,QVC), that
there would have been a Lawyer's checkout of propriety
by now.
Otherwise we might stop seeing Jeri all of a sudden.
There is also the mystery of why the Dutch case design
matches the USA/China one.

I'm thinking of the ROM software writers mainly, but
the hardware listmembers would know more about how
the logic would divide up as to attribution.

Even if it isn't legally perfect it might still make it.
A worker next to my office at GE from Taiwan
produced back overseas a rip-off of the "Lectron"
system called "Blok-Tronic". Don't believe he had any
agreements from Raytheon to make it. It was actually
sold in the Smithsonian, the USA National museum.

John A.
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