Off-topic message confusion

From: Vintage Computer Festival <>
Date: Tue Dec 21 13:03:28 2004

On Tue, 21 Dec 2004, der Mouse wrote:

> >> Ask away.
> >> Might as well do it privately as well. No point in usign the bw of
> >> the list for specific items.
> > I would prefer to see the list BW used by topics such as this than
> > the numerous other completely off topic discussions which seem to
> > congest my mailbox.
> Maybe you'd be happier subscribed to cctech instead of cctalk?
> (Assuming you aren't already. If you are, I'd say your real beef is
> with the moderator(s), for letting offtopic stuff through.)

Look everyone: this is a way too liberal interpretation of the
"off-topicness" of CCTALK. It wasn't intended to be an invitation to post
about just anything you felt like that day. If that was the case, CCTALK
would've devolved into a cesspool about 2 weeks into the experiment.

The purpose of splitting the mailing list was to have one list where the
occasional off-topic posts were tolerated, but it certainly WAS NOT AN
you would just take the 10 minutes it takes to learn to use it well.
Using the list as an alternative to Google, which "some" folks do, is
violating the spirit of the purpose of CCTALK. At least have the courtesy
to take blatantly off-topic questions off-line (and SPECIFICALLY REQUEST
that any off-topic answers go to private e-mail).

"ON-TOPIC" takes priority over off-topic. Please don't abuse the list.
Other people use it too.

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