Off-topic message confusion

From: Doc Shipley <>
Date: Tue Dec 21 13:42:23 2004

Vintage Computer Festival wrote:

> On Tue, 21 Dec 2004, der Mouse wrote:
>>>>Ask away.
>>>>Might as well do it privately as well. No point in usign the bw of
>>>>the list for specific items.
>>>I would prefer to see the list BW used by topics such as this than
>>>the numerous other completely off topic discussions which seem to
>>>congest my mailbox.
>>Maybe you'd be happier subscribed to cctech instead of cctalk?
>>(Assuming you aren't already. If you are, I'd say your real beef is
>>with the moderator(s), for letting offtopic stuff through.)
> Look everyone: this is a way too liberal interpretation of the
> "off-topicness" of CCTALK. It wasn't intended to be an invitation to post
> about just anything you felt like that day. If that was the case, CCTALK
> would've devolved into a cesspool about 2 weeks into the experiment.
> The purpose of splitting the mailing list was to have one list where the
> occasional off-topic posts were tolerated, but it certainly WAS NOT AN
> you would just take the 10 minutes it takes to learn to use it well.
> Using the list as an alternative to Google, which "some" folks do, is
> violating the spirit of the purpose of CCTALK. At least have the courtesy
> to take blatantly off-topic questions off-line (and SPECIFICALLY REQUEST
> that any off-topic answers go to private e-mail).
> "ON-TOPIC" takes priority over off-topic. Please don't abuse the list.
> Other people use it too.

   Nonononono, Sellam!

   *I* am the moderator!

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