tractor-feed paper sizes?

From: Eric Smith <>
Date: Wed Dec 22 13:21:20 2004

Dan wrote:
> 13 1/8 paper is called "foolscap folio". I had a quick check on
> google, but I couldn't find if this was American or English foolscap.
> But it might be easier to ask for it by name then by size.

Thanks! That might not be what we need, but it's worth investigating
further. On the PDP-1 console typewriter (Soroban), the spacing between
the sprockets is 13 1/8", but the paper itself must be wider than that.
I'm guessing at least 13 7/8".

Now that I know what to search for, I see that most sources describe
foolscap folio as 13 1/2 by 8 1/2.

I think we'd be happy to find anything we can feed through it, but
ideally we'd like paper about 11 inches long.

It occurred to me after leaving last night's team meeting that I should
have also measured the spacing between teeth on one sprocket, as that
also might not match normal line-printer paper.

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